Friday, July 5, 2019

7 new Lesions are not very pleasin

Ivy had a new MRI recently of her Brain and cervical spine. We were wondering if she has had any relapses since her the MRI's she had when she was diagnosed. Since being diagnosed she had been feeling pretty good but has had some numbness that would wax a wane in different areas of her body but these symptoms would resolve and were not very severe at all. She had some facial numbness and some skin sensitivity to her chest was on her right side. She has not had any significant deficits or symptoms that were severe in nature like she had when she was diagnosed and she was seeing double due to the attack on the myelin of the  6th cranial nerve.

The good news is that she will has already received aggressive treatment to stop this flair in its path of destruction before it could do more damage and then her chemo and  stem cell transplant will facilitate termination of her MS and then allow her body to heal and repair the damage her body has already sustained from the MS attacks she has had up to this point. The goal is that she stops MS in its tracks and prevents it from coming back and then heals the damage that has been done and ultimately makes MS a distant bad memory never to return.

That is the update.

Today Ivy is have her stem cells harvested. I will write another post to explain the process soon.

Harvesting stem cells 

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Ivy gave MS the boot now there is an updated article woot woot!

 A follow up article on Ivy and her HSCT treatment was just released online and will be printed in Monday’s 5/17/21 Chicago Tribune newspape...